Revinyl are offering 4 week DJ courses at UWE for those new to DJing, or those accustomed to CDJs and Controllers, to get hands on with vinyl records.

Throughout the course you will learn about different styles of selecting and DJing, get accustomed to the decks and the mixer, and be able to chat about the industry with tutors who work and perform in the Bristol music scene.

You will also have the opportunity to perform at one of our regular open deck Revinyl Sessions in central Bristol venues and at UWE CFM events like Amplify.

For more info on how to sign up please either head into theĀ Centre for Music @ UWE office or click the link to their website to find out about their free membership for students.

Why should I register @ the Centre for Music?

  1. You’ll be added to the waiting list for the Revinyl workshops.
  2. You’ll have access to the new DJ room to practice
  3. You’ll have access to their other musical activities and events throughout the year

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