Revinyl is a music community based in Bristol that hosts vinyl only, free entry events as well as workshops, club takeovers and more.


The free entry, open deck events, known as the Revinyl Sessions, have been running in Bristol for over 2 and half years, accumulating to over 60 sessions with more than 200 past DJ performances. Local pubs, bars and clubs are regularly filled up by these enthusiasts, generating plenty of business and bringing together generations over an appreciation of the medium.

The aim is to create a platform for aspiring vinyl DJs, producers and musicians to gain experience performing to an audience, as well as bringing people together through high quality music events. Anyone can sign up to play a 30 minute vinyl set of any genre, and alongside these sign ups a ‘special guest’ is invited to each session to exhibit their collection. In the past this has included artists such as RSD, Hi5Ghost, Versa, Idle Hands boss Chris Farrell and many others.


Revinyl can offer a wide range of multi-genre vinyl DJs that can be custom booked for your event. You can expect high quality vinyl and acetate selections of everything from soul, funk, jazz and world music to hip hop, reggae, dubstep, jungle and more. For takeover and room host inquiries please follow through to the Showcase page.


The workshops started with a partnership between Revinyl and the UWE Centre for Music to provide regular sessions for students to practice and learn from 1 on 1 DJ tuition. These workshops are now expanding to the Cellar Tapes studio in central Bristol as well as continuing at the Frenchay campus. Head over to our workshop page for more info.


Extensive audio archives, recorded live at the sessions, are in the process of being mastered and will be released weekly once ready.


The Revinyl Exchange is in the process of creation and will be a section of the website where anyone can list records they would like to sell or swap for another. Face to face meets at the sessions will be encouraged.

Future Plans

The project has grown organically: since the first event the aim has been to increase the positive impact on the local Bristol community. Revinyl is now registered with Companies House as a Community Interest Company and will continue to serve the community with a number of musically oriented activities for people of all age groups and backgrounds. Though currently based in Bristol, there are plans to increase the scope of opportunity by expanding to other communities. Keep an eye out for future announcements.

Peace & Dubs

The Revinyl team